Monday, April 14, 2003

Welcome to the my own blog. I will talk about the Cubs mostly, because frankly you never can enough thoughts on the Cubs. I'm sure the site will change as I get more invovled. I will try to write as much as possible. I will also even give some fantasy info for the Cub players.

Yesterday's game was great for a few reasons. It looks like Corey is staring to find a groove and Mark "The Horn" Bellhorn(I will go with the Horn as long as Chip and Steve do) has had back to back singles in the last two games.

Matt Clement even without his best stuff still pitched really well. The double to Aramis Ramirez was early(But it did help my fantasy team) and the error in the Top of the 7th should have never happend. Choi said later he should have not thrown the ball overhand.

7-5 is a good start. Any time you are over the .500 mark is nice. We will see if that stands by the end of the month. Prior goes tonight in the first of four games with the Reds. A 3-1 clip against the Reds would give the Cubs some great Momentum.