Wednesday, June 02, 2004

A Wasted Opportunity

Last night's game epitomizes why it has been hard to be a Cubs fan this season. The Cubs go down to Houston 5-3, but realistically should have won handily. The lost opportunities to get runners in to score were numerous. The first that comes to mind was in the 4th. After Alou homered to tie it at 3, he saw 2 terrible pieces of hitting. Patterson struck out in a plain awful AB, followed by Ramon hitting into the 1-2-3 DP. No runs. Fast forward to the 6th. Bases loaded, nobody out. Lee flies out to right, and though we need a run, even I'm happy Wavin Wendall didn't send Alou home to test Hidalgo's arm. Wouldn't have been pretty. The next 2 batters, Patterson and Ramon strike out, with Ramon STRIKING OUT LOOKING WITH THE BASES LOADED. It's no wonder we lost the game after that. I believe in karma, and I knew it was over for the Cubs. A blown call by the first base ump in the 8th, and a double given up by Kyle Farns 44, and it was over.

I have been Corey Patterson's biggest supporter for a few years now. I think the guy has a world of talent. But even optimists have to see the bigger picture. This guy needs a change of scenery, and fast. I think (and am finally the last to come around) that Corey should be dealt to KC in a package for Beltran, if KC is willing. Fact remains that the Royals want a replacement CF and young pitching for Beltran, and we have that. Corey, Angel Guzman, and another pitcher should seal the deal. I'm not trying to fantasize, I just want Corey out of town. He is quickly burning us game after game with his ridiculously long swing and inability to consistently make contact.

Here's to hoping Clement can rebound from last weekend.