Saturday, April 26, 2003

Estes Continues to Struggle

Well, all I have to say is that Shawn Estes is heading downhill fast. For the second straight game he could not get anyone out and this time it was all him. He gave up hit after hit, and if it were not for Paul Bako it could have been worse.

It looks like Patterson is really coming around and Choi took a opo shoot to make the game close. Also in today's Tribune it seems like Baker is getting a little worried about Bellhorn. I do not know how much to make of this, but they made overtures that David Kelton could be the first to get the chance.

Carlos Zambrano goes to tomorrow vs. Darren Oliver. Oliver has been hit around in the last couple of starts. The Cubs will try to get the series win and improve to 15-10.

The Cubs are 3 games ahead of the Cards, but there are problems. Estes will have to get things turned around and start to prove he can pitch quality innings. If not the Cubs can not continue to place first place ball. Does that mean Juan Cruz will move in to the staff? Who knows, but Estes has pitched well in only one start and Cubs have to start being worried. Estes has not proven he can get anyone out. Estes has pitched 5 innings in the past 2 starts. Two weeks ago after his gem it looked like Estes would be a real find, but now that world is gone and I am back on the bandwagon to replace Estes.

The next start for Estes is going to be a big one. It could be his last. Maybe Estes needs to go on the 15 day DL and just see if he can find his control and see if Cruz can pitch in the starting role.