Thursday, April 17, 2003

The Brave Arguement

I have just started this page and already it is time to bash a Braves fan. As some of you may know I am a Journalism student at the University of Alabama. I love the south, but the Braves just drive me crazy and many of thier fans. I will have to say that I know many Brave fans that were loyal during the 80's and I can take them, but the fans that joined the bandwagon in the 90's are just plain spoiled.

A few days ago I was in my Public Affairs class and I had a heated disagreement with a fellow student. He told me he no longer rooted for the Braves, because of the Ownership and the GM. Needless to say I was dumbfounded. He went on to say, they had traded all their good players and were doing nothing. I waited a minute and then after hearing him say that Robin Venture was one of the top third basemen this year ahead of Chavez and Gluas, I could hold back no longer.

He did not seem to care that the Braves had won 11 straight Division crowns and 4 NL crowns. Plus of course the 1 World Series. Now granted this guy does not know much about baseball, but still if I was a fan of the Braves I would be in heaven. Now they should have another World Series title(maybe), but still 11 straight playoff appearences and this guy was jumping off the bandwagon.

Personally I think the Braves are a stroke of genious. They seem to always get the players they need in trades with players that are going to downhill.

David Justice
1995- He played in 120 games and hit 24 HR's while batting .253
1996- He played in 30 games and hit 6 HR's while batting .321 Last season with Braves
Now Justice had many good productive years left, but he got much relief moving to the American League where he could DH. After 1995 only one year did Justice play in over 100 games in the field.

Ron Gant
1993- 36 HR's 117 RBI's .274 avg. After he broke his leg. He only hit over 30 HR's in a season again. Last seaon with Braves.
1196- 30 HR's 82 RBI's .248 avg. with the Cards.

This is just a couple of players, but the guy said getting rid of Steve Avery was a bad move. I plulled up his stats and looked after 1993 he never had an ERA under 3 and never pitched over 200 innings again. This is not to say that the Braves are perfect. I am sure they would like to have Ryan Klesko's bat in the lineup. The last two years he has become a much more complete hitter.

I never got through to this guy, and even though i just touched the surface of the players(I am about to walk into a Tennessee Williams Lit Course). I would be tempted to sell my soul for 11 straight division crowns, but what can I say I live in Brave Country.

I will have more after the game.