Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Gammons on Diamond Notes

I just read Peter Gammons lastest Diamond notes and he points out a possible trade between the Reds, Cubs and Red Sox.

It reads:

Boston's bullpen problems are well-documented, worsened by Chad Fox's pulled oblique muscle. So look for the Red Sox to do something quickly. One immediate possibility is a three-way deal that would sent Shea Hillenbrand to the Cubs, closer Scott Williamson to the Red Sox and Juan Cruz to the Reds. GM Jim Bowden has been looking for a low-cost starter (he could move Danny Graves to the bullpen), and the Cubs have been scouting Hillenbrand.

This has the making of a major story. I hate to speculate, but hey what are blogs for if not for that.

1-Veres and Antonio Alfonseca are close to coming off the DL. That means two pitchers would have to be moved to AAA and clear waivers. Cruz is the only player with options left I believe and Alan Benes has been great in long relief. Now Estes could go on the DL and make to make room.

2-Stories have been around all week that Bellhorn is now in the danger zone. The Cubs bats need help and this might do it. Hillenbrand has not had much power. 18 HR's last year, and only 2 so far this year, but his RBI's keep going up. He have 49, 83 and already this year he has 25 RBI's.

3-Even though Cruz is very well liked for his talent. The one thing the Cubs have is a lot of pitching in the majors and minors.

Will this happen, who knows? I sure do not, but I think this could. We will see how the story unfolds.