Monday, April 14, 2003

Prior Loses to Reds

Well the 11-3 beating was not the way to start this series. The Cubs had some very disturbing moments in the game. Every pitcher has a bad night all around and Prior had that tonight. He had a couple of questionable throws to first base. Also this game looked like the Cubs of old. Leaving men on base at every turn it seemed. The biggest blow came in the 6th when the Cubs had 2nd and 3rd with no men out after a few runs had scored. The Cubs failed to plate any runs and then Cruz came in and did not look sharp.

Should the we start to worry? Not yet, the Cubs are still 7-6 and Bellhorn is starting to show signs that he is getting out of his slump. The double in the 6th was the best hit he has had all season. His average is now up to .139 after a 2 for 3 night.

Shawn Estes goes tomorrow and this is a big start for him and the Cubs. I love the fact we have a lefty in the starting rotation, but Estes has looked pretty bad this season. The Cubs need to even up the series with Carlos and Kerry still to pitch later this week.