Friday, June 04, 2004

Tis the Night Before Christmas

It may not be Christmas Eve, but it sure is close enough for Cub fans. The Cubs have seen enough DL time to last a couple of seasons. Here is the list:

Mark Prior
Mike Remlinger
Mark Grudzielanek
Alex Gonzalez
Kent Mercker
Kerry Wood
Sammy Sosa
Tom Goodwin

Three everyday starters, two Ace pitchers, two relief pitchers and a left handed pinch hitter. Most teams would have folded under this kind of pressure, but the Cubs are only 4.5 games back with a 27-25 record. They have lost some games they should have won, but for the most part are in a great spot heading down the stretch towards the All-Star Break. The Cubs are starting to get healthy at the right time.

Remlinger is already back and it looks like Mercker will return on Friday as well. The key is to stay healthy and gain momentum each week. Mike talked about the game on Wednesday, and the Cubs can't afford any more games like that in the coming weeks. The real season starts with this game. Prior coming back helps things, but it all has to come together to work. I will have a game log tomorrow, so join in and read while I post comments during Prior's comeback game.