Monday, August 08, 2005

Cubs Week in Review: 08/01/05 - 08/07/05

Even though i was gone for this entire week on vacation, I still was able to follow what was going on in the world of the Cubs. Based on what I saw, it was a good week to be gone.

The Cubs had a much needed off day on Monday, and begin a 6 game road trip to Philadelphia and New York. Tuesday would be the first game for Matt Lawton in a Cubs uniform after Sunday's deadline deal with the Pirates, who went 2-5 in his Cubs debut. Carlos Zambrano and Vicente Padilla had a scoreless pitcher's duel into the 8th inning, when the Cubs finally put 2 runs on the board, which was enough to win the game 2-1. Dempster had a shaky 9th, giving up 4 walks, 1 of those scoring the Phillies' only run. Everything was downhill from there.

The Cubs haven't won since, losing 5 straight, including a series sweep in New York. The big story this week was where has the offense gone, with the Cubs being outscored 15 to 28. While the Cubs did face good pitching in New York, it still does not account for the lack of hits and runs. After I found out that Hairston was out of the lineup due to injury and saw Macias starting in centerfield, for the first time all year I wished Patterson was back in the big leagues.

On the plus side though, Nomar Garciaparra, Kerry Wood, and Scott Williamson were all activated on Friday. Wood had a good relief outing Friday, only walking 1 and allowing 0 runs to score. Garciaparra went 0-4 Friday, and 2-3 with a walk on Sunday. Williamson allowed 1 hit while striking out 2 on Friday night, and allowed 1 hit and 1 strikeout Sunday night.

Something has to change big time this week, especially with the Cardinals coming to town for 4 games over the weekend. If the Cubs are going to seriously contend for the wildcard, the offense needs some kind of spark bad.

08/01/05 - 08/07/05 Final Grade: D+ (only because of Maddux's start Saturday, and Zambrano's start on Tuesday)

08/08/05 - 08/14/05 Pitching Probables

Mon - Reds @ Cubs: LHP Claussen (6-8, 4.85 ERA) vs RHP Williams (3-4, 4.60 ERA)
Tues - Reds @ Cubs: RHP Harang (7-10, 3.90 ERA) vs RHP Prior (7-4, 3.64 ERA)
Wed - Reds @ Cubs: LHP Milton (5-12, 6.75 ERA) vs LHP Hill (0-1, 7.00 ERA)
Thurs - Cardinals @ Cubs: TBA vs RHP Maddux (8-9, 4.57 ERA)
Fri - Cardinals @ Cubs: TBA vs TBA
Sat - Cardinals @ Cubs: TBA vs TBA
Sun - Cardinals @ Cubs: TBA vs TBA

(all photos from ESPN/AP Photo Gallery)