Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tax Day Game Log

Well, that dreaded day is here (no I don't mean Jerome Williams' first start), but Tax Day is here. To celebrate the day, I will be doing one of my famous game logs. While everybody gets to see today's game, I am bored at the house and you never know what will happen.

Remember you can send your memberships tot he Matt Murton fan clut to mattmurtonfanclub at I feel another big day from Red.

Ok, we are about to start. The Cubs need to score early to get to Zach Duke.

6:05 p.m. - Duke dominated the Cubs last year in his starts, but we should have a better approach this year. Ouch, Ramirez is really hitting .154, time for that come up today with a 2-for-3 day with 2 HR. Well, Juan Pierre is frozen on a nasty breaking pitch. Well, we are lucky Neifi does not get the start, but I would have rather seen Murton get a chance to bat second when Walker is not in the lineup, but Dusty is not a very free thinker. Derrek Lee with a nice piece of two-out hitting. Why is Ramirez booed? He did not leave on his own, his idiot GM gave him away for a basically nothing. Michael Wuertz is no longer with the big league club and that means Roberto Nova is back with his lively arm. Duke has yet to give up any damage, but he is throwing a lot of pitches, just as soon as I say that, Aramis goes down on strikes and the game is tied 0-0.

6:19 p.m. - I really want to see Jerome sit down the Pirates early. He needs confidence early. Len wants 7 innings, but I would happy to get six strong innings. So far so good with Jerome. He is throwing strikes, which is important. Just as I say that, now Jerome falls behind 3-1 and he walks him. Is there anything worse than a two-out walk? Also today is Jackie Robinson day, does Big Bud not want the people to think about taxes. Jerome should have seen last year how to retire Burnitz. Just a little high cheese and lets go to the second. Just as good, a nice pop up on the infield. Good start from Williams and we really need a decent start.

6:26 p.m. - Angel Pagan is showing that he should play against lefties more and more. He does not have lot of ab's, but he is showing some stuff right now. Well that ended fast after Pagan was cut down trying to steal second. Arggh, nothing worse than a double right behind a guy getting thrown out on the bases. No runs after Cedeno lines out to second.

6:33 p.m. - The storm clouds are brewing to start the Pirate second, a lead-off walk is never a good sign. Michael Barrett might be hitting everything, but he is not throwing guys out. Williams gets a MASSIVE strikeout of Joe Randa for the first out. Damn, just when the Cubs were going to get out of the inning the Cubs give them a run after the bad throw by Cedeno. Ronny still has some major work on his defense this year. Then, Williams gets Duke to the end the inning, but the Pirates get the run.

6:44 p.m. - Not a bad Idea by Pierre, but Duke makes a good play for the second out. Is it me, or do you feel Duke is gaining confidence each inning. Well, regardless Duke is starting to really well. Cubs go down 1-2-3 and still trail 1-0.

6:53 p.m. - Jerome plays with fire again, but what is new. Williams got the first two batters and then hit Bay with a 0-2 pitch. Then, Bay moves to second on a terrible throw by Williams. This is a key at bat now, he can down on himself. The hits just keep on coming, Burnitz gets an infield hit to put runners on first and third. These are situations where Williams and Cubs pitching has not preformed well. Williams is ahead 1-3 on Wilson, who is no longer showing off a Mullet. How I miss the dayss of the mullet and he strikes out looking. Good job Jerome. Time for the offense to wake up.

6:59 p.m. - Well, so much for my Ramirez 2-for-3 day. The Cubs are being retired left and right now. Damn, Barrett gave the ball a ride, but I guess he did not pay the total price after Duffy ran it down in deep left-center.

7:05 p.m. Danger Will Robinson, Danger! Randa places a ball for a double and then Jerome got a little squeezed for a walk. Hey, Hey! A nice little double play ball to get two. That brings up the "The Duke" How cool would it be to have a nickname like that. I know his last name is Duke, but if I was Zach I would have everybody refer to me as "The Duke." What if John Wayne was a baseball player. Imagine his look on the mound. Scarey. "The Duke" lines out to end the inning, time to start hitting.

7:16 p.m. WIth a short bench the last thing you want is another player going down. Well, the Cubs are one player short with Pagan hurting his leg somehow, while he running down the first base line. Jones is still out, John Maybry is hurt, not much let after that. Great at bat by Murton after he walks with one-out. Time for Ronny to make up for the error. Instead, Ronny beats out a double play. How about a Jerome Williams home run? I doubt it and I was right, but the lineup is turned over for the next at bat.

7:22 p.m. - Okay, how does Cedeno make that tough play, but boots the routine one. It all comes down to making solid plays. Ha, Len makes my point for me. Here comes Jason Bay, Williams has walked him and hit him. So, lets see if he can't retire him once. Williams just wants no piece of Bay today. He pitched around him once again. Which is okay if you can get Old Man Burnitz and he does. Cubs still trail 1-0 after five innings.

7:30 p.m. - If the Pirates continue to retire Pierre, I have a feeling the Cubs will not win. It looks like Zach Duke is back to his old ways or the Cubs just make pitching look too good. It is up to Derrek Lee to get something going with two-outs. Randa stops a liner and the Cubs still have no runs on only three hits.

7:39 p.m. - Do you think the people of Garden Claw Gold might want a new commercial. I mean the add has not changed since the Claw was first introduced. It is bad when I know the enitire commercial. Wilson triples to start after he misses a home run by inches. On a day when you have not scored, giving up more runs is not an option. Decent throw by Bynum, but Wilson scored on the sacrifice fly. Bucs lead 2-0. Nice play by Barrett as nabs Castillo on a busted hit and run for the second out. The Cubs get out of the inning and I have to say Jerome has pitched really well, but our offense is about a threat as a gold fish against a shark at this point.

7:47 p.m. - Ramirez doubles to start the second, but he really thought he had a home run. He walked for like three step before he realized that ball may not get out. This a real good chance for the Cubs. Barrett flys weakly to right and our heros have one-out. Not a great time for Freddie Bynum coming up, he is looking like more like Josa Macias every day and he goes down swinging for strike three. Terrible and I mean terrible. Come on Red, time for another big hit. Yes sir, a nice RBI single. My man-crush on Matt Murton continues to grow and another base hit. Walker has to pinch hit again against a Lefty. I would like to see walker say in and move Hairston to right field, to have a better hitter left for the 8th or 9th if it gets down that far again, but first how about a RBI single for Todd. Duke not looking as confindent now. Nice play by Craig Wilson to end the inning. Cubs get one back and now trail 2-1.

7:54 p.m. - The Cubs only have Niefi and Blanco left to pinch hit, not the great thought heading to the last couple of innings, but the Cubs probably don't need a pinch hitter until the 9th, so it might be okay. One the milloinare relievers is now on for the Cubs. Scott Eyre has looked good so far, but he needs to sit down the Bucs right here. Duke's day is done as Freddy Sanchez is now pinch hitting. Damn, Eyre walks a light hitting lefy, no excuse as this point. Nice play by Ramirez to double off Duffy, but I think he might have beaten the play back to first, but I will take. Come on it is time for the Cubs to score some more runs.

8:03 p.m. - The Pirates are going to run people in and out of the pen now I think. Pierre fails to reach base and that is not a good sign. I have said it before, but the Cubs have to get him on base at least once a game. OH MAN, Hairston just misses a home run, damn, damn, dman. Nice piece a hitting puts a runner on in front of D-Lee. Time for the Sliver Slugger to mash one out of the park. Lee has never had a hit off the Roberto Hernandez, so he is very due. Full count, come on baby.......a walk to Lee. It is time for big Aramis. Cue the music.......damn Aramis just missed the ball and he popped out to center. Okay, Barrett has smoke the ball this season, so I feel another big at bat. No way I give Michael a ball to hit with Bynum on deck, but I am not the Pirates. Hernandez struck out Barrett. I've got a bad feeling about this.

8:18 p.m. - There are only a few certain things in life. Death, taxes and the Cubs ripping my heart out. Looks like we might be heading to third thing again. Come on, can't we not walk Jason Bay. I know he is a good hitter, but make him try at least. Cubs catch another break wtih a double play. The Cubs have a chance, come on just one run, okay maybe two....well I am greedy I want four.

8:29 p.m. The Cubs need one run to tie the game. Bynum, Murton and Cedeno are due up. With the pitchers spot up fourth, that means Bynum will have to hit for himself most likely. Nevermind, Niefi pinch hits and he is out on one pitch. Terrible approach by Perez. Murton, Murton, Murton, come on Matt give me a tie. Damn Matt gets robbed by Joe Randa. Cubs lose on four pitches. See ya tomorrow.