Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh What a Night

The Cubs are winning, I'm close to finishing grad school and I'm getting married in a month, what could be better? Well, maybe a million dollars, but I tell you the Cubs winning early and often sure makes me feel good.

I sat down tonight(while grading a bunch of research notebooks) and enjoyed a full game for the first time in about a week, because of various school functions. Like tomorrow, I will miss most the game since it starts while I'm in school and I've got grad school, at night, but I digress.

The Cubs have been on fire in the early going thanks to timely hitting (Pie, Cedeno tonight) and quality pitching (Big Z, and dare I say Dempster). Usually in a Cub game, you can since the impending doom that is coming, but I never felt that tonight. When Soto made a dump play, Z picked up him and got Reyes to ground into a double play.

In the 8th, the Cubs looked like they bust the game open, only to have Heilman get DeRosa and Soto out, setting up the heroics by Cedeno and Pie. Ronny is really staring to impress me at the plate and maybe he is starting to show that promise of AAA at the plate. Regardless, there really isn't a place to play him while Theriot and DeRosa are playing well, but Lou might be able to find him 2 starts a week.

For now, Go Cubbies.