Monday, November 12, 2007

A Trade, Lets look at the Lineup so far

After Today's trade, it is time to look how the lineup would look today if the Cubs didn't make another move.

First the starters by possible spot in the lineup.

1. A. Soriano - LF

He needs to stay healthy and will still bat leadoff, even with better options. We knew that coming in and we know he wants to bat there.

2. M. Murton - RF

I know Matt won't end up No. 2, but we can dream. Murton will most likely play against Lefties, unless he is dealt this offseason.

3. D. Lee - 1B

Enough said. Would love to see the power increase.

4. A. Ramirez - 3B

Aram was clutch all season, but not in the playoffs. Which wasn't the case in 2003. Lets hope he improves in 08.

5. G. Soto - C

I like the fact the the Cubs would open the year with a young Catcher. It will be interested to see how quick they will make a move, if he struggles.

6. M. DeRosa - 2B

Ok, DeRosa was just great in 08. Hopefully, his numbers will continue, because i love the way he plays the game.

7. F. Pie - CF

With Jones getting dealt it means Felix is ready for his shot. The kid has all the tools and the speed. If he puts it together, it won't be long until Pie hits at the top of the lineup.

8. R. Theriot - SS

Theriot really struggled down the stretch. He wore down a little and we have probably seen the best he can do.


H. Blanco - C
O. Infante - 2B/SS/OF
D. Ward - 1B/OF/PH
M. Fontenot 2B
A. Pagan - OF
S. Fuld - OF
E. Patterson - 2B
R. Cedeno - SS/INF

It looks like Blanco will be the backup for Soto to start. I wouldn't be shocked if Cedeno gets a look at short, if Theriot gets off to a slow start. If the Cubs keep Infante, Fontenot will be let go or sent to Iowa. Fuld is playing well in Arizona, but I can't see the Cubs giving him a chance this year.

Now for the pitching....


1. C. Zambrano

Big. Z gets big money and now we need Big results.

2. T. Lilly

Our best pitcher last year, but we can aspect a decline this year.

3. R. Hill

A full year and some real ups and downs. Hopefully, the year did him really well and he is ready to break out.

4. J. Marquis

Well, he was really up and down. We will get the same next year.

5. S. Marshall

Great start, slow finish. My guess is that he or Marquis gets dealt this offseason.

6. R. Dempster

Odd move, but maybe he can be more steady that Marquis

7. M. Prior

The Wild Card. I hope the Cubs don't give up on him, but I think they will.


C. Marmol

B. Howry

K. Hart

W. Ohman

S. Eyre

K. Wood

It will be interesting to see what the Cubs do with the pen. I see Wood being the closer and everybody else slotting in.

I sure this will change as the season goes on.