Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Game Two Tonight and Hillenbrand

My buddy Dan Loflin emailed me today talking about the trade with the Red Rox. He is insulted to think that the Red Sox would make this trade just for Williamson. Dan is a huge Red Sox fan and he would not like to see this take place, but all I have to say is if Theo wants to move Hillenbrand, then what better place than Chicago.

I really do not think this trade will happen. I think at this point Hillenbrand is starting to shine in Boston and they are not getting enough in return for him. We will wait and see.

Now how about last night. It was nice to see Alou finally start to hit again. The Cubs need his bat to contend this year. Kerry Wood picked up the win even though again he did not have his best stuff. The difference this year is that Wood is now getting out of jams and not giving up big innings. I will have more later.