Friday, May 23, 2003

The Marlin Lottery!

I thought I would introduce the Marlin Lottery. It is a spin-off of the Lebron Lottery, but in this game the winners get a chance at the playoffs this year. Here is how you play. First you pick an order of who you think will go from the Marlins. Then you pick the team you think the player will go to. Finally you say when the deal will happen. It could be next week two weeks and so on forth. You will be awarded points on correct order of trade and every aspect of the contest. The contest will run until I end it or when the Marlins trade 4 players. So be thinking and get your picks in. The winner will get to post their thoughts on this site and I will post their name in bold. I know these prizes are great, but I am a poor colege student.

Here is an example:
1. Derrick Lee May 30th-Braves
2. Mike Lowell June 3rd-Cubs

You get a point for picking a player that is traded. 3 points for the Correct team. 5 points for the correct day. 1 point for the correct week. Submit up to 4 players. If you select all 4 players correct that is 10 bonus points. If all teams are correct that is 15 points. If you select the order they are traded then that is 10 points. If players are traded at the same time, then that counts as correct order. You have until the end next week or until the first trade goes through. I will post my list, but I am not in the contest. So let's have some fun and try to win the Marlin Lottery.