Tuesday, May 20, 2003

The Third Base?

I hate to say this, but something has to give with Sosa out. The Cubs and Dusty Baker have to do something about 3B. It makes me almost sick to see Lenny Harris starting for the Cubs at the Hot Corner. Now Bellhorn has not played well all year, so the there has to be a better option than harris. Personally I would rather Ramon trot out there everyday rather than Harris. While I am not Mike Kiley's school of trade now and ask questions later, I would like to see the Cubs try something else.

The Cubs have a few options.

1. Stick with what is going on right now: A three man platoon that does not seem to work.

2. Pick one of Ramon, Lenny or Mark to play.
a)Ramon is best used as a spot starter.
b)Lenny is not the kind of bat you need at third base.
c)Mark has not hit all year.

3. Call someone up: Not much in the minors other than Kelton and he does not seem ready, but he can't be much worse than what the Cubs have.

4. Trade: It seems every media outlet is talking trade about the Cubs. Jim Hendry seems willing to wait and see, but it could be very soon.

The Cubs have a lot of pitching in the minors and Mike Lowell could become a Cub. He hits for average and has a good glove. He could be the perfect fit for them. Will it happen? Who knows Does it need to happen? It looks like the Cubs are running out of options. If Lenny Harris is the best option for this team, then the Cubs are in real trouble.

The last thing I will say is Cub pitching needs to take the out. Estes was lucky two starts ago not to throw a ball away, but Carlos did not have the same luck. The game is easy, you throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball. Now I am not out there playing, so it is hard to imagine the amount of pressure that goes on, but you have to play sound baseball to win.