Thursday, May 15, 2003

Let's play the Numbers Game

I am very sleepy right now. I saw the late show of the Matrix last night and then I had to be at class this morning. I figured I would take a nap after the game, but the Cubs had to play 17 innings to keep me awake.

So here we go:

1- The place the Cubs stand
2- The 1Bs That Keep hitting
2.5- Games led over the Astro
3- Strikeouts by Todd Wellemeyer Today in his Debut
4- Sweep of Brew Crew
5- Longest Winning Streak in the Majors Right now, Plus record in extra innings.
7- At bats Sexson did not get a hit today
8- Wins out the 4 and 5 spot on the pitching staff.
9- Hits by the Brewers in 17 innings, That is why the Cubs Won.
12- HR's by future Cub Mike Lowell
13- Wins this time last year
17- The never ending game, finally did
24- Cub pitching strikeouts
33- Team leading RBI's by Coery Patterson
40- Games Played this season
76- Kerry Woods Major League Leading Strikeout total
121- Number of Pitches today for Wood
122- Games Left this season
1991- Last time the Cubs swept 4 on the Road(Mets)

I am sure there are other numbers, feel free to email me with them, or post them in comments and we could have some fun with this.