Saturday, May 31, 2003

Sosa Returns, but the Bats Fly Away

It seems about once a week the Cubs just throw it in and get hammered, but it has happened two times this week now. Wade Miller threw a gem and was in total control. Estes went back to the old ways and the Cubs scored only one run.

Trade Rumors are a flying. Reports out of Florida say that the Cubs are looking into Mike Lowell a little more now. The deal would involve Bobby Hill and a pitcher. It seems like Florida would like Cruz, but we shall see.

Wathcing a great game right now between the Cubs and Astros. Choi just made a great grab that saved the game.
Lets see if the Cubs can push accross some runs.

The Sammy Watch continues. It looks like Sammy should have taken a rehab start because he is not even close to hitting.