Monday, July 21, 2003

Braves go down

15-6 in the Cubs favor. The Cubs started off with a bang in the first inning and did not let up throughout the whole game. I was actually worried when Estes gave up the lead but then the Cubs pulled it back and got lots and lots of insurance. Sosa hit his 20th home run and A. Gon hit his 15th which put the Cubs back in the lead. Two days in a row with a lot of offense. I did not see us doing this but I am very glad we did because I hate the Braves.

Also Dave Veres was money tonight, shutting down the Braves with the bases loaded and no outs to keep the game to one run. On a side note the Braves fans are not there for baseball. While the Braves had the bases loaded a bunch of the fans were trying to start a wave and I don't think they even realized that they didn't score any runs. I just got to say you don't do a wave during a close game with your offense about to strike. Another note, when it turned 10 p.m. suddenly all of these damn bugs came out of no where. I've never seen that many bugs in one place in my life. I guess the Braves attract them.

Tomorrow Maddux is going for the Braves so we need to rough him up so we can win keep this little win streak alive and make it a big one so we can take back the division. Houston also lost tonight so we are only 3.5 games back.

Go Cubs beat the braves!!!!!!!!