Thursday, July 17, 2003

Viewer or Reader Feedback

So I have been at this blog thing for about 3 months now. I want your feedback. I love checking the tracker and seeing all the different people looking at the blog, but I want to you are thinking. Here are a few questions for you.
1) What would you like to see more of?

2) What are things I could change?

3)I am willing to post guest spots. I know you want to write, so chime in and get your say, or heck open up your own blog.

Stuff like that, or maybe what was your most enjoyable read, I am really interested in what people think. I you think I ramble on how Lenny Harris should not be in the starting lineup, then say so, but that probably will not keep from bashing Lenny. Lets have some fun.

I will not get to hear tomorrows game because it stats late, but I will chime in something over the weekend. I head to Salzburg on Saturday and then off to Solvenia on Sunday, so it will be a busy weekend. I had my first German test today and I think I did well, so I am just in a good mood.

Auf Wiedersehen!