Monday, July 14, 2003

Yarbage Mid-Season Review Part 4

We are down the last part. Here is the Outfield.

Sammy Sosa
2003: 70 Games, .312 Avg. 18 HR, 51RBI, .408OBP/.577SLG/.985OPS, 79 K
2002: 150 Games, .288 Avg. 49 HR, 108RBI, .399OBP/.594SLG/.993OPS, 144 K

Moises Alou
2003: 90 Games, .294 Avg. 14 HR, 56 RBI, .360OBP/.481SLG/.841OPS, 33 K
2002: 152 Games, .275 Avg. 15 HR, 61 RBI, .337OBP/.419SLG/.756OPS, 61 K

Corey Patterson
2003: 83 Games, .298 Avg. 13 HR, 55 RBI, .329OBP/.511SLG/.839OPS, 77 K, 16 SB
2002: 153 Games, .253 Avg. 14 HR, 54 RBI, .284OBP/.392SLG/.676OPS, 142 K, 18 SB

Tom Goodwin
2003: 59 Games, .267 Avg. 1 HR, 8 RBI, .307OBP/.325SLG/.632OPS, 20 K, 18SB
2002: 78 Games, .260 Avg. 1 HR, 17 RBI, .321OBP/.338SLG/.659OPS, 16 K, 16SB

Troy O’Leary
2003: 60 Games, .225 Avg. 3 HR, 19 RBI, .280OBP/.333SLG/.613OPS, 21 K
2002: 97 Games, .286 Avg. 3 HR, 37 RBI, .371OBP/.377SLG/.748OPS, 47 K

The outfield has seen the highs and lows just like everyone else on the Cubs. Sosa had a very non-typical month of May and early June. He struggled and could not find his stroke. He probably should have gone on a Rehab stint, but he gets to make those kind of choices. He really has found his stroke over the past few weeks and looks to have a monster second half. Alou has rebounded from 2002 in fine fashion. He is not the hitter he was 4 years ago, but he has put up solid numbers for the Cubs. The best surprise of the year had to be Corey Patterson. His numbers are far higher than anyone could imagine. With his injury, I think the Cubs may have let the playoffs slip away. Now the Cubs are 3 games back and 2 bats short instead of one. Patterson also was running more than ever. He could have easily had a 30 SB season or an outside shot at 30/30. Now that is gone and the Cubs hope he is 100% next season. The ACL is a common injury in sports now, but lets hope Patterson does not loose a step. Goodwin has played well lately, but his time as a major league player should be coming to a close. He does not have a good eye, but still has some speed. He already has 18 SB on the year and probably will get a few more. Troy has been bad off the bench. His numbers are way down, even tough he is mainly pinch hitting. He did play for a month, but that has not helped. With Corey gone the Cubs have to find another player, because Goodwin and O’Leary are not the answer. Sosa has overcome Cork-Gate and probably will hit about 45 HR this season.

The Cubs trail the Astros by 3 games and the Cardinals by 2. It is not looking good. The schedule is hard after the break and the Cubs still have not played their best baseball. If they get hot, then there is a chance, but some moves have to be made. Well, lets see how it plays out. That is it for the review. I was going to review Dusty Baker, but all I have to say is stop playing Lenny Harris. The Cubs are better this season, so he has done his job. There have been some mistakes, but for the most part the I am happy. 47-47 is not great, but at least we are in contention. At least I am in Austria, so I do not have to see the fall from Grace.