Sunday, July 27, 2003

Cubs Take Two of Three As I Get Back From Venice

I am so happy today. I was scared that when I left for Venice that I would come back and the Cubs season would be over. Well, I was wrong. I got to listen to the game today and the Cubs are fighting. I love the fact that Estes was pulled in the 5th, but would rather not have seen you know who, but the Cubs battled and won. The Astros lead now stands at 4.5 and they play the Giants starting Tuesday as the Astros play the Braves. I hate the Braves, but I will have to hope they win this week.

Also if you want to added to my email list for my adventures in Austria, then just drop me a line and I will add you to it. I went to Venice this weekend and I head to Vienna next weekend. I have only 17 days left before I get to see the Cubs again and I cannot wait. More later.