Thursday, July 10, 2003


Today was an awful day for Cub baseball. Shawn Estes showed once again his bad side on the mound. He had a great few innings spread out through this start but overall he was not too good. He allowed 6 of the 13 runs. Well while I hate pondering on the negative aspects of anything theres not to much to say good about a 13 to 3 shalacking.

If I was to find one good thing to say, it would be that Tom Goodwin is suprising me with his bat. He had another good day at the plate, even though he was pretty much the only one. His defence is allright, but he about made a fool of himself on the fly ball hit to deep center where he ended up running backwards and about fell down. Hopefully though his bat will keep going well and the rest of the Cubs will step up.

One last thing, why pinch hit Lenny Harris. Thats all I got to say.