Wednesday, July 09, 2003

The Austrians Sure Know How to Party

Greetings Cub Fans. I see my brother has finally joined the blog world and is pretty much running the site while I learn German. I am having a great time over seas and have alread heard two games by Santo and Hughes. I have never been able to hear them before and I have to say that they call a good game. Last night was upsetting, but the by the grace of God the Cubs are only 1 game out. It looks right now that the Central will back into the All-Star break and probably the post season.

I hope I can listen to the game today, but the crazy night life over here may keep me from it. Now to a great story.

I was in class this morning about 10 a.m., 3 a.m CST. And these two teachers walk in and say we have a birthday. Well, I was like this is nice. All of the sudden they break out the Alcohol for everyone. We down a bottle of the bubbly like it was going out style and for free. I have to say the Austrians have it down. They know how to party. So I had two full glasses and it was not even 11 yet. Well more later.