Tuesday, September 30, 2003


CUBS WIN!!!!!!!!! Kerry Wood pitched a masterful game. The Cubs were a little bad at hitting with runners in scoring position but come through in the end. All I have to say is that Braves fans are really in general the worst fans in baseball. I am in a fraternity with over 50 guys and I have two extra tickets to Wednesday's game. I got them because a couple of my friends said they wanted to go, but then something came up and they couldn't make it. So I go around and ask some of my friends that only go against the Cubs since I go for them. They come up with lame excuses. Some of these guys are "Braves fans" or so they call themselves. But when they get a chance to go to a playoff game they go to prove that braves fans are not loyal fans and really don't care about baseball. I found two people to go, but it actually took some effort because all of the "braves fans" have better stuff to do. That is why I hate the Braves and have no respect for them. But anyways I'll be at the game tomorrow with my brother and some friends so Go CUBS and win tomorrow.

Go Cubbies!!!!!!!!!!!