Thursday, September 25, 2003

When Did We Trade for Barry Zito?

I was just kidding about the title, but Shawn Estes was dealing tonight. I talked to Christian Ruzich over at Cub Reporter chat room and he asked me what I thought about Estes Well, I thought he had one game in him left. Like Christian, I believed that it would be great if he got through 5 or 6 that would be a all we could ask.

Well throw out all of that. Estes had something to prove and pitched his best game of the year. My brother and I talked throughout the game and we were just schocked to Estes have that much comand. 4 Hits and only 2 walks is all he gave up. That should be all for Estes unless he gets some bullpen work in the playoffs. As we stand now the number that shall not be named here is 4. The Astros won 2-1 today so no ground was made up.

There is one thing I feel pretty certain about, the Marlins are going to be the Wild Card. They look to take all the wind out of the Phillies tomorrow and short of a sweep at the hand of the Mets they will face the Giants. So that leaves the Central as the only division that matters this weekend. I hope that Fox will pick up our game on Saturday, but they will probably split the nation and show my area the Braves and Phillies even tough it will not matter. So it looks like I will listen to Ron and Pat twice over the next three games.