Sunday, September 28, 2003

And So It Goes......

The Cubs are 2003 Central Division Champions. I would like to repeat that, the Chicago Cubs are 2003 CENTRAL DIVISION CHAMPIONS. I have been on cloud nine all after noon. I have been planning my trip to Atlanta now for about 10 hours and everything is settled. I will be at games 1 and 2 of the NLDS. Game 1 I will finally meet Scott Lange of the Northside Lounge. I am sure you are already reading his site, but if not make sure you check it out. It should be a lot of fun going over to Atlanta. It has taken me until 2 in the morning to finally come up with something to say. I have been thinking about what profound statements or feelings I could put down, but nothing really came to me. The only thing I said was "I get to see the Cubs in the Playoffs."

In 1998 I attended Ole Miss for my first year in college. Well after the one game playoff I could have gone to Atlanta, but a few things got in my way. One I did not know anybody at Ole Miss that wanted to go and second I did not have a car. My parents(Even though I love you very much) kept me away from that series because I could not drive over to Atlanta. I really thought I would get another chance, but that was not meant to be until this year. So there was no way I could miss this series. First I tried to get tickets in Chicago, but I could not, so I started praying that the Cubs would play the Braves. I really hate the Braves and their winning, but it has made their fans a little slow to get tickets. Once we clinched today that was all she wrote. So I am headed to see the Cubs in the playoffs. That brings me to reason of this post. Is this the greatest sporting event I have seen live? So I went through all my ticket stubs to see how much I have really done in the first 23 years of my life. So here we go these are in no order, so I am just going through the box.


I have been to 15 of the 30 major league baseball parks. This includes stadiums that no longer with us, but it still counts in my book. I have been to a lot of fun games, but only a few with any meaning. I now have been to Chicago(both), New York(both), Boston, Baltimore, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Seattle, Arizona, Houston, Texas, Atlanta, and St. Louis to see a game.

I have seen the Cubs all over now, and also saw a Howard Johnson walk off HR on June 16, 1995. Also August 8, 1998 I was at St Louis to McGuire and Sosa both hit HR's that day. It was a very cool game.

Also I went to the College World Series Championship game in 1999 as Miami beat Florida State. I sat with Miami Players Families some how. Other than that the rest have been regular games.

College Basketball

If there in one sport I have been involved with over the past few years it is College Basketball. I helped Co-Found Mark's Madness The University of Alabama Student Fan Club. I have seen Alabama play now in 2 NCAA Tournaments in 2002 and 2003. I have been to Kentucky to see a game at Rump Arena.

I have a streak of 43 straight SEC Basketball Tournaments attended, even when my Crimson Tide has been bounced in the first round 2000 and 2003. I have met Andy Katz and many other writers along the way.

This year in January I attended a Duke Basketball game in Cameron Indoor Stadium.

College Football

If there is one thing you learn growing up in Alabama it is football. I have always liked football, but I still think baseball is a better sport.

My first Alabama vs Auburn game was not until November 21, 1998 a win for the Tide. And I also was witness to the First ever Alabama win in Jordan Hare Stadium on November 17, 2000 and another win in 2002. I have been to countless other Alabama games.

Also I have attended three BCS Bowl Games. My first was January 2, 1995 to see the Oregon Ducks take on Penn State. I saw Alabama play Michigan on January 1, 2000 in the Orange Bowl. To follow that up two days later on January 3, 2000 I saw the BCS National Championship Game between Floriday State and Virigina Tech. I did not have ticket to that game, but I paid 100 dollars to some guy to let me in with my two other friends.

I have done a lot, but nothing like waiting for this playoff game on Tuesday. I look foward to this more than any other event I have been to or want to go to.