Monday, September 22, 2003

Viva La Astros Bullpen

There has been a lot said over the past few weeks on how the Astros Bullpen was the best one of the best in baseball. Lidge, Dotell and Wagner at the end would make them almost unbeatable, but for the last 3 days they have not got the job done. Today's Hero is Billy Wagner. He gave up 2 HR's in the top of the 9th with score tied 3-3. The Giants held on to win 6-3.

Also the Marlins won tonight 6-3. That means the Cubs are tied in the Central and are 2 games back in the Wild Card. I watched almost all the game, except for 30 minutes when I went to get some food. The bullpen also walked the bases loaded and walked a run in. So maybe the Cardinals took something out of the Astros this weekend. Wade Miller goes tomorrow against Jason Schmidt.

So six games left for both teams and everything is even. Makes you feel good. The Cardinals are hanging around at 3.5 games back, so they are not dead yet, but really on life support.