Monday, October 13, 2003

Hello Sports Fans!

Sorry about the lack of posts over the weekend. I had to run my friend to the Airport, so I did not have time to post yesterday.

First off John Kincaid is a pure genius. He had Aramis in the pick to click and he really came through on Saturday. It was the kind of game that I was never worried about. I sat with my friend John, my brother Justin and of course Scott of the Northside Lounge. I always said I would like a blowout win so I would not have to worry, and well I got it. Driving down the Florida Turnpike Friday, I wished I was at Friday's game. For all the excitement that game had on the radio, it would have been great to see it.

Sunday's game had an odd feel to it. I really wanted to win, but I never thought we would in the back of my mind. I knew Beckett would come out dealing, but I was just hoping it would turn out different. Carlos is still putting the ball up in the zone and it did not hurt him until the 5th.

Am I worried about tomorrow, not really, but in baseball anything can happen. Prior needs to close the door and the celebration begin. I am really tired and I am off to bed as I drove all the way back last night. A nice brisk 13 hour pace from Pro Player to my apartment. That was probably the last game I will get to see in person, because I was unable to score some World Series tickets today.