Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Not much to say other than I am ready for tonight. There are already many good breakdowns over at The Cub Reporter. Friends and I will be watching the game on the TV, and I really can't wait until this weekend when Scott, my brother and I head to Miami. I tell you you one thing that the Marlins will not quit. I watched 2 of their postseason games and they play hard. Carlos needs to be calm tonight.

Well this is something I started over in Atlanta, so my Pick to click tonight is......

Mark Grudzielanek

I have a feeling he will be very important to tonights game. Mark was only 3 for 20 in the NLDS. He walked 3 times and scored 2 runs. Hitting in front of Sammy is key tonight. So there you go. If you have your pick to click, then leave it in the comments box and if your player does it then you will get your name published on the site. You can pick a pitcher or batter. Too much time until first pitch.