Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Choi We Hardly Knew You

I will write a little more later, but I am in the process of getting packed for the weekend. The Cubs traded Choi and the PTBNL for Derek Lee. I was just shocked to see the move, but really after a night of thinking about it, I am happy with the deal. Lee is a power hitting first basemen that is proven. He is 28 and on the rise. Now if the Cubs do not sign him to a long term deal then this trade will be terrible.

I figured first base would be the one place we did not need the most help, but Hendry pulled the deal. I would rather have seen a new SS or 2B first. My guess Lee bat 4th or 5th with Alou dropping to 6th. Overall I give this trade a B- for the time being. That could change on the PTBNL and the contract status with Lee.