Thursday, December 18, 2003

The Bench is Getting Full

The Cubs went into action today with the signings of Kent Mercker and Todd Hollandsworth. I like both of these. Mercker can not be much worse than Guthrie was down the stretch. The Hollandsworth signing gives Hendry the extra left handed bat off the bench. He is a pretty good pinch hitter and can spell all three OF spots. I would say that there will probably be one more infielder who bats left that will be added before the season starts.

What the Cubs have left to Fill

Bullpen 1 Spot My guess Wellmeyer will break with the Club.

Infield Set

Outfield Set

Starting Rotation- 1 Spot, probably Cruz

Catcher- Bako?, Barrett?, Miller? Two of these three will probably be on the roster. We will find out once the Barrett deal takes place.

Bench Looks like 2 spots left if the Cubs resign Ramon Martinez