Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Hello Hawkins Goodbye Alfonseca

So the Cubs made a second move this off season by adding Latroy Hawkins. I feel that this is a very good move for one it adds a very solid pitcher to the bullpen. He will probably replace Dave Veres basically, but he could end up the closer if Dusty wants to.

If anything he will be more reliable than Antinio or Veres. That leaves two bullpen spots left and I would have to think that a lefty will be next on the list. As it goes now the Cubs are looking like this next season

1. Mark Prior (R)
2. Kerry Wood (R)
3. Carlos Zambrano (R)
4. Matt Clement (R)
5. ???????????

1. Joe Borowski (R)
2. Kyle Farnsworth (R)
3. Mike Remlinger (L)
4. Latroy Hawkins (R)
5. ??????????
6. ??????????

1B- Derrek Lee
2B- ?????????
SS- Alex Gonzalez
3B- Aramis Ramirez
C- Damian Miller
RF- Sammy Sosa
CR- Corey Patterson
LF- Moises Alou

1. Ramon Martinez ?
2. Paul Bako ?
3. ?????????
4. ?????????
5. ?????????
6. ?????????

Who fills those spots with all the ?????? ? I am not sure my guess one of the bullpen spots would go to Cruz, Wellmeyer or Mitre. I would figure that two of the bench spots might go to someone on the 40 man roster to be cheap players, but who knows with old Dusty calling the shots. My best guess is we will sign or trade for a 2B that can lead off and that will be the last big part of the team that is added. Everything else is set. Probably a left handed bat off the bench will be added, but I doubt it will be Simon because of the price. The big key could be the 5th starter. Nobody can be as bad as Estes so anything should be an improvement. I really do not see Maddux or any other starter like that. It will probably be someone that will take around 1 million and pitch or it could be Cruz or another farm player. The Chips will start to fall together after the winter meetings next week.