Friday, June 04, 2004

Prior Day and Patterson Walked!

Sorry about being late, but I had a couple of things to take care of.

For the first inning:
Prior looked very sharp early with nobody getting the ball out of the infield.

Bottom 1st
Patterson again whiffs, but that is no surprise.

2:42 Top 2
Prior strikes out C. Wilson for his first K of the year. I have to say that the curveball to Evil Rob was a good sign. Simon then popped out to end the Pirates half. Overall Prior looks sharp right now. Now can the bats start to talk.

2:52 Bottom 2

Aramis got ahead in the count, but grounded out to Short. Todd reached out and lined a ball to third. The pitch broke Todd's bat. Barrett is 4 for 4 coming in against Fogg. Barrett got ahead 3 and 0 and then belted a double down the line. Fogg has fallen behind a lot of hitters. Ordonez worked the count full before flying out to left.

3:00 Top 3

Ok, this is what we wanted all season. Prior struck out 2 that inning and has yet to show any rust.

3:05 Bottom 3

Prior flys out to center. Walker then lines a ball over Wilson's head for a double. I am in shock as Patterson took a pitch for a ball, but he just popped it out and the score is still 0-0.

3:11 Top 4

Prior blew Kendall away with a fastball, only his 12 K all year. Jack Wilson tried to hit a pitch that was inside and he rolled to third. Ward then popped to first. Prior has 52 pitches through 4.

3:17 Bottom 4

Aramis took a pitch to the wall, but still nothing doing for the Cubs. 0-0 after 4.

Top 5

Well with an 0-2 count Evil Rob ended the perfect game. Good now we don't have to worry about Dusty pushing Mark on his first start.

Holy Cow, Alou throws out Evil Rob on a line. I never thought he had a chance.

Bottom 5

All I have to say is Barrett is my new favorite Cub. He took a huge hit at the plate and then he was running all the way on his pop to right, but it was dropped. Barrett ended up at second. The small things make such a difference. Of course Ordonez failed to lay down a bunt right after that. Tike Redmond made one of the great Web Gems of the year on a hard hit ball off of Walker's bat.

Top 6

Prior struck out his 6th batter to start the 6th. He followed that with another K to Fogg looking. With 74 pitches the bullpen gets up. This could be Prior's last inning. Ordonez booted a ball for an error to let Kendall on base.
Prior ended the inning with another K. He only allowed 2 hits and had 8 K's.

Bottom 6

Lee struck out to start the 6th. Fogg has really looked good today. Corey has worked the count to 3-1. The end of the world is here, Corey Patterson walked. Patterson then stole 2nd. That was followed by one of the most strange run downs ever. Patterson was caught in a run down and avoided the tag by Evil Rob. Aramis gets plunks to load the bases for Todd Hollandsworth. Having the bases loaded scares me a little. It is up to Barrett after Hollandsworth struck out. Nothing doing for Barrett. 0-0 after 6 and Prior can't get the win.

Top 7

Kent Mercker is in after his stint on the DL.

I have to run to work, but it was fun.