Monday, August 23, 2004

Take A Look At 6 Things

First off I have to say finding a job out of college is a lot harder than I every could imagine. I have now been done since May and I am still without a job. Things could be looking up. I received an email last week from the El Dorado Times. This paper is located in El Dorado, Arkansas. At this point I would work in Alaska, but that is not the point. The job seems like a good one, but I have to get the job first. On the plus side they did email me, so I guess that is a plus. The main reason I want this job is the fact that it is a sports writing job. My goal is to become a baseball writer one day and I have to start somewhere, and El Dorado is just as good as anywhere else.

On to the Cubs:

A few points about today's game.

1-When in baseball does it state that pitchers can't hit a batter. Baseball needs to take a look at the quick hooks that they are giving them. Oswalt probably hit Barrett, but do you need to toss him? Hitting batters has been a part of the game for a long time, and it cost Wood today.

2-The offense is cliking on all levels right now. It was funny as Aramis came up before his homerun, Chip had stated that a hit would score two, and then my brother looks at me and says, well a homerun scores three. Then next pitch, bam homerun. The Cubs have scored a lot of runs the last couple of days and lets hope it goes through the next couple of series. Today was impressive because Nomar sat out and we scored 11.

3-Speaking of Nomar, lets hope this taking two days off in a row does not become a trend. We still need his bat in there putting the ball in play.

4-Question of the Day; When is the last time Derrek Lee had a day off? Answer is a little bit more down the post. Derrek has been the only true everyday player we have. Also look at the stats. He is on pace to set better numbers last season.

2003 .271 avg. 31 HR 92 RBI .887 OPS
2004 .296 avg. 26 HR 76 RBI .914 OPS

And for those Choi Lovers:

2004 .262 avg. 16 HR 44 RBI .854 OPS

Don't get me wrong, I think Choi will be a very good player, but Lee is at the top of his game.

Answer to the question:
If you guessed April 27th, then you were right. Lee has not sat since. With Todd out it looks like he will not miss any more games any time soon.

5-Farnsworth where are you?

Let me say I have long been a Farnsworth fan, but it is getting a lot harder to stay in the fan club.

His August spilts

15. 15 ERA 4 IP 8 Games 11 Hits 2 HR 4BB/2K .478 BAA

These are serious problem numbers. First off .478 BAA, that is one of the worst kind of splits I have seen in a while. Almost half of the batters he has faced got a hit off him. .300 would send alarms, but this is dangerous. He gave up another HR today and looks like the player from last year, or even earlier in the season. September 1st can't come quick enough.

6-September 1

The Cubs should really get some help from expanding thier roster. First off the bullpen will have a lot more options.

Joe Borowski will be back. Of course will it be 2004 Joe or Old Joe. Lets hope that the shoulder is 100% and he is ready to regain that form.

Micheal Wuertz-He has pitched well in 2004 at times and has 17 saves in Iowa.

Todd Wellemeyer will be back, he pitched well enough never to leave, but it is a numbers game.

Ok, well I am off to bed. The Cubs are .5 games back right now, so lets hope the Cubs keep winning.