Friday, September 24, 2004

In Case You Didn't Know: Cubs Lead the Wild Card

One of the perks of working late at a newspaper is the fact I see all the late games as they finish. Tonight I saw the Giants give a game to the Astros. I was just over at The Northside Lounge and I hate to say this, but I agree with Scott Lange. I know Scott and I have not seen eye to eye in the past couple of weeks, but hey even media sellouts have to give the little people their due.

I like the fact that the Cubs are in first again. Now they do control their own fate. If they keep winning they make the playoffs. If they don't, well they need some help. The only think I did not like about today was two things.

1) It would have been nice to put the final nail in the Astros, but being in first place comes at a price. They now play at the Brewers for three games. They should win two of the games this weekend at least. So considering the Cubs win 2 of three, they would be 3 in the loss column with 7 games left. If the Astros sweep then of course you are looking at 2 games. That is a huge difference.

2) Too bad the Dodgers could not find a way to go ahead and lose tonight. It would have brought them even with the Cubs, but hey they do have the Giants this weekend.

It is a four team race with two of them going to the playoffs with about 10 games left. It should be a lot of fun, or it could be a long off season. Here is to keeping hope alive.