Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Please Call When Its Over

Ok, so I get off early tonight because I worked a half day on Sunday. I showed up just in time to see Aramis hit a two run HR to give the Cubs the lead. I was torn between the World Series Tournament of Champions and the Cub game, so I PIP the game. The problem was Latroy Hawkins could not hold the lead, but a gift by Jason Bay followed by a wild pitch to give the Cubs another lead 5-4. Dempster slammed the door in the 10th for the Cubs win. They are now tied with the Giants in the Wild Card, of course the Giants are still playing the Astros as I type this.

I have a feeling this in going to be a tense couple of weeks.

Edit to addOk there are 12 games left and I started to think that the Cubs at least have to win 8 of 12 to make the playoffs. Anything else and the Cubs might just have to back into the playoffs. The Giants have both the Dodgers and Astros. The Astros also have the Cardinals(even though they are playing a little rough right now). Right now if I had to pick I would say the Cubs and Giants both have a great chance of making the playoffs. The Dodgers pitching is heading down the hill and somehow the Giants keep winning. Right now the Giants are .5 back of the Dodgers and the Cubs are only 2 back of the Dodgers. If the Giants sweep the Astros, I think it will be the end of the Astros.