Saturday, September 04, 2004

Time to Break for the Weather

It is a done deal. The Cubs and Marlins entire series has been rained out due to the all the action down on South Beach. While Miami gets ready for the hurricane the Cubs may have caught a break.

The unlikely four day break gives the Cubs a couple of days to rest and get focused for the end of the season. The two biggest factors will be Nomar and Aramais getting a few more days to rest their sore legs. This may have been just what the Doctor ordered for the Cubs. Also maybe the extra rest will help Prior locate some of his pitches. At this point of the year you never see teams get this kind of rest, but for the beat up Cubs it could not have come at a better time.

There are some concerns. The offense had been going pretty well for the last couple of weeks and now the Cubs could be rusty. This could create a problem with the end of the season. The Cubs have to make up these games and the problem is when do they do that? A double-header here or end of the year series that pushes back the playoffs? These are questions that only MLB can answer, but for today the Cubs will now get ready for the Expos. On the main page it says the Greg Maddux will pitch on Monday, but we shall see.

Enjoy the weekend. I will be off to Arkansas next week to find a new place to live, so until then there will be few updates.