Tuesday, January 25, 2005

24 Is Rocking

I have not been around lately because of work, but I have to say something about 24 the TV Show. I really loved the show the first two years, and even last season's was ok in mine eys.
The new day of 24 is rocking so far. Non-Stop action through the first five hours and I excited for the 19 hours. The only person I don't like is the Aisha Taylor, former Ross/Joey Fling girl and now super bitch on 24.
If you have never watched it before, go out and get the first three seasons. Then jump on board for day 4 which is great so far.

UPDATE: I started this post in middle of hour five and by the end I was in shock. Run, don't walk and get on the board with this show. I hate I have to wait a week to see the next one.

As for the Cubs, they are still flying under the radar and even though Jayson Stark is saying the Cubs will be trading Sosa, I still do not believe it.