Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I'll try not to lose to much sleep

I realize that everyone on this green earth has some comment about this baseball, BALCO, steroids thing and I am so sick of hearing people who have no idea what they are talking about spouting off at the mouth about the issue. If ESPN wasnt such a commericalized ad hound then they might actually say what they really know. I would love to hear Reynolds and Kruk say what they wanted to say if they would not lose advertising dollars. I can hear baseball tonight now...
KRUK: so Herold, (spit) Giambi sais he juiced up (spit) whatya think about that?

HEROLD: well shit John, you remember that fool tried to get me to shoot him up after that interview last year.

KRUK: (spit) well I remember the old Phillies days when me and Darren used to have give Mitch his shots. I kept telling that guy, the juice was why he couldnt throw strikes but the wouldn't listen. I like my shots in the ass, how bout you?

HEROLD: nah, fool, I like mine in the thigh, you know us homies cant be putting shit in our ass's.
I like to imagine that is how it would go. You know why? Because that is how it would go. I have been there. I deal with college athletes everyday and know a third of them are juicing right now at a Division I baseball program. When I was a senior in high school I juiced up to boost my own recruitment. Recruiters would actually ask if you were juicing when no one was around. They would say things like, "so what are you doing to put on weight?" and I would say, "working out really hard". And then they might say, "well you know working out just isnt enough for most people" and I would say, "yeah, I know, I am going the extra mile though" and they would say "good, thats real good". These things happen people and I dont know why we pretend they dont. Say what you want about Jose Canseco and his book, the man had the balls to tell the truth. No amount of juice can make you hit a baseball on the sweet spot. End of story. Dont believe the media lies they tell you. I dont condone drugs in anyway, and actually spoke at several combines to promote working out the right way, but let me say this: My penis didnt shrink, I'm not scarred on my face, and my health is perfect, (except for the little gut my wife thinks is cute). Steroids dont kill you when used the right way, and I can assure you that these guys are using them the correct way. Lets get to the bottom of it...Steroids along with other drug use is a victimless crime. It is illegal for no reason. What is the governement conncerned with what Johnny smokes in his own house if he isn't hurting anyone else? Lets try to stop the rapers and murderers from walking the streets on probation. 6-10 of current inmates in the prison system are there for victimless crimes, while rapists are walking the streets on parole because of prison overcrowding. Half of our police forces are being used in the "war on drugs" while people are murdered every hour. Dwell on that while you watch the government spend a million bucks investigating BALCO and your daughter walks to school without a policeman on the corner.
Im done.
I'll out do myself yet.