Monday, July 30, 2007

First on the line........Live Game Log 7-20-07

By now, everyone knows what is at stake tonight as the Phillies come to town. The Cubs are 1.5 games back and are already 1 game ahead in the loss column. With a win tonight, the Cubs would be in first place.

What a night for a baseball game. Now it is a time for a live game log of tonight's first place game.

Pregame: Chase Utley thinks he will be back in three weeks. Good for us, bad for the Phillies.

Top of the First: Good start for the Cubs after Shane Victorino chased ball four and a quick flyout.

Odd as Lilly throws behind Jimmy Rollins. I wonder if somebody said something the last time these teams played? Well, Rollins thought he had a home run, but it just missed. Now, big hitting Ryan Howard up and it will be interested to see how Lilly goes after him. Going after Howard, and Lilly just got squeezed. Doesn't matter, Lilly strikes him out and the Cubs come up tied 0-0.

Bottom of the First:
Two outs one two groundballs to short. We might try and hit it somewhere else. The Cubs go quietly in the first. Not much news to talk about, but i hate quick innings.

Top of the second:
So, lets take a look at couple of the deals from baseball that happened today.

I love the deals for the Braves. They pick up Octavio Dotel, Mark Texiera and Ron Mahay. This gives them two solid bullpen arms and a All-star 1B, a place they really needed. They are doing their best job to catch the Mets.
While I like the move, they still need one starter. The Braves have a pretty good lineup, but are still 4.5 games back in the NL East and 2.5 games back in the Wild Card.

I will check on the other teams throughout tonight's game.

While gushing about the Braves, Lilly is in a little trouble after a walk to Wes Helms to put runner's on first and second.

I really hate watching games on ESPN, because they repeat a lot of their news all game. That is the second time they have reported on Chase Utley's hand.

Lilly is going to have trouble it can't find the curveball tonight, but he is able to work out of the jam.

Bottom of the second: Nothing like getting a hit coming off a break. Aramis Ramirez knocks a solid single to left.

Wow, more hard hitting journalism about the Cubs attitude being better. Nothing better than fluff pieces about a team that is winning. Nasty pitch by Hamels to strike out Mark DeRosa.

I wish our lefties had an out pitch like that. "Thunder" Matt Murton finally getting a start and gets lucky as a ball drifts foul. Ouch, 9-15 against lefties and Murton doesn't help with a strikeout. The Cubs do nothing and we're still tied 0-0 after two.

Top of the third: This is a big inning for Lilly, because he has struggled with command a little and the top of the lineup up in the third.

The Phillies picked up Tadihito Iguchi two days ago. Pretty good move with the Utley being out for almost a month. This is the type of move Jim Hendry failed to do last year when Derek Lee went down. Go figure, Iguchi walks and does something good.

Lilly and not afford giving up walks in front of Rollins and Howard. Wow, Lee just makes a great play to retire Rollins, that's our gold-glover.

Can't believe that Iguchi didn't goo home on a mashed double to right and Lilly is living dangerously again. Well wouldn't you know, Aaron Rowand blasts a three-run home run to give the Phillies a 3-0 lead.
Lilly just find the curve and it is hurting him tonight. He gets out of the inning, but the Cubs trail 3-0.

Bottom of the third: First place is not looking good tonight as Hamels cruises through the third. Phillies 3-0.

Top of the fourth:
After giving up three runs in the third, it is never a good sign to walk the pitcher. Wow, but gets a double play to end the inning. Phillies 3-0.

Bottom of the fourth: "The Riot" hits a ball off Hamels for a hit. Maybe it will disrupt his pitching, but Lee can't follow with a hit.

Theriot gets a steal, but Ramirez is behind 0-2 in the count. The Cubs can't do anything and still are behind 3-0.

Top of the fifth: Iguchi digs the hole a little bigger with a leadoff home run to put the Phillies up 4-0. Not looking good. Lilly gets through five, but the Cubs trail 4-0.

Bottom of the fifth: Hey, Hey....Murton draws a leadoff walk. It can't hurt, maybe the Cubs can get a big inning. It will be interesting to see if Lou pinch hits for Lilly if Kendall walks here.

Lou does pinch hit and it is Ronny Cedeno. Ronny has been hot in AAA, but he hasn't been facing Cole Hamels. Cole just walks two hitters, but Ronny hack at the first pitch and pops it up to first. I miss Daryle Ward.

Ooch, Michael Bourne fell over the bullpen mound and really turned his ankle. It is amazing that he stays in the game.

The Cubs can't do anything with Hamels after two walks and still trail 4-0.

Top of the sixth: Good inning by Wuertz, but the Cubs need some offense.

Bottom of the sixth: The Riot cuts the lead to 4-1, but I'm still a little worried.

Top of the seventh: Wuertz gets lucky and then gets Howard and Rowand to keep it a three-run game. Time for the bottom of the lineup to come up big against Hamels.

Bottom of the seventh:

Top 8: Rocky Cherry good.
Bottom 8: Cubs' bats bad.
Top 9:
Ryan Dempster gets out of the jam and provides the Web gem with his blocking of home plate, but the Cubs are still down three heading to the bottom of the ninth.

Bottom 9: Lee flies out to right to start. Damn, when you are down three you have to get the leadoff runner on. Wow, did anybody notice Ramirez is hitting .321? He is sneaky good, but ops up to center. Well, it looks like 1 game behind the Brewers and 1.5 out of the wildcard.

I've got one thought for Jim: we need another RH batter to face lefties in the post-season.

Bottom 9: