Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A picture tells the story

The Cubs pounded out eight more runs last night, and they went on to their fifth straight win. The Cubs go for the sweep today if the weather holds off.


• Cliff Floyd needs to play. He is having a solid season and I say lets ride him as long as he is healthy.

* Felix Pie looked great a couple weeks ago, but he has cooled off now. The infield hit late last night, hopefully will help me get going again.

• Ted Lilly continues to be a little shaky, but got the win in the end. But right now, Lilly and Jason Marquis are bascially our 4 and 5 starters. Not bad, but they need to be a little more more consistent.

• Saw the lineups today and Mark Derosa gets the day off. I guess everybody needs a rest, but Mark has been great the last couple of days.