Thursday, May 01, 2003

The Archives Finally Work

After a week of tyring to figure out what I did to make the archive links not work, I have fixed the problem. I am sure you may not have wanted to know that, but I have been angry and now I am happy.

Prior on the Hill

Well, Last night was not one to look back on. Bonds went deep twice and the Cubs had 3 HITS. The offense has really struggled and it shows no signs of getting better. Mark G. and Alex have really cooled off at top and Sosa is getting close to two weeks since his last homer. The bright spot today is Prior is going for his 5th win.

He will face Damien Moss who is 4-0. I will miss the first couple of innings because of my Tennessee Williams class(what fun!!!). I will be thinking about the Cubs the whole time. It will be interesting to see if Bellhorn gets the start today, after sitting the last two games. Dusty made a comment saying he wanted Mark to feel hungry and we will see if this works.

The Cubs finished April/March with a 15-12 record. This month had many highlights and some real problems, but for me an abover .500 record I will take. We are in first even though it is only by one game.

More tonight after the game. The Rockies come to Chicago Tomorrow for a 3 game Series, and it looks like Estes will make his start. He says his back is feeling better.