Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Cubs Rework Staff

Mark Prior was pushed up today mainly because Clement's struggles have continued and the Cubs want Prior to face the Yankees. This weekends series will have Carlos, Kerry and Mark going. Clement will face the D-Rays on Thursday.

This is probably a good move by the Cubs. A very important series starts tonight against the D-Rays. The Cubs could really use a sweep this series and hope the AL beats up on the rest of the Central.

From what I have read Matt Williams may just calling it quits. He did not want to move in the off season to Denver, so I would say 70-30 that he just retires.

This is from a ESPN article from the draft:

Ryan Harvey, an outfielder from Dunedin High School in Florida, was selected with the sixth pick by the Chicago Cubs. He missed the first part of the season recovering from a knee injury in November, but still hit .400 and is regarded as a five-tools player

Here is a little more on the Cubs first round pick from ESPN:

A tools monster, Harvey is projected to go among the top-five picks, with an outside chance of being the first player chosen. He has everything: power, speed, arm strength, good personality and work ethic. A knee injury from last winter is fully healed. His swing might be a little long, and I'm concerned about his contact/plate discipline at higher levels, but I'm notoriously paranoid about such things, and they are very hard to project/predict at this level.

A tools monster. I like the sound of that. It looks like he fell to the Cubs and they could not pass on this kind of talent. After the last few seasons of drafting mainly pitching, maybe its time to find some hitting talent.

Lets get ready for the D-Rays.