Thursday, June 05, 2003

Paging All Bats

I will not spend any time on this sight on Corkgate, other than to say you can read about every where else. Now on to more important matters.

The Cubs must do something about thier hitting. The Cubs have made the Devil Rays look like one of the elite pitching staffs of the American League. if it were not for much luck on Tuesday the Cubs would have dropped that game. The Cubs pitching has kept them in some games, but there is no way to contend with not scoring more runs. I may be beating a dead horse, but as I was watching the game last night I was almost amazed that it took the Cubs until the 9th to make any sort of move. If the D-Rays looked good this series, just think about how good Wells, Clemens and Pettitte come to town this weekend.

The Cubs are now tied for the lead in the Central. It has that kind of feeling like it might slip away. Unless there are some moves to help the hitting, then I am sad to say that the June Swoon is upon us. Matt Clement goes to the hill tomorrow, wouldn't be nice to see a lot of runs on the board for the first time in weeks.

Do not sign Matt Williams, and Trade for Mike Lowell. That should be the cry around the clubhouse. Something has got to give.