Saturday, July 05, 2003

Back From Camp, But On the Way to Austria

I leave for camp and the Cubs were one game back of first and today they are one game back. The Cubs need to start winning or there will be some major problems.

I am sitting in the Business Elite room as I wait for my flight, which is already 3 hours behind. I am going to be in Austria until August 13th, but I went ahead and got the MLB TV. I hope to see a few games. It seems like all the Cub Blog writers are heading out of town lately. I guess that just shows that we all have busy lives. My brother is going to be writing in and he is just as well versed as me in Cub baseball. I let him have a Diretv Reciever and extra dish I had, so he can use the MLB Extra Innings.

It looked like the game today was a good one and Alou is just hitting everything in site. Lets hope that continues and the Cubs find a 3B, but it looks like Lowell is not coming over. The thing is that you never really know. I should have my internet in my dorm room up about Tuesday, so look for new posts then. If anybody would like to write a guest article email it to me and I will post it for you. Ok, more later.