Monday, June 23, 2003

Sit Back and Take It All In

I have been writing this blog since the start of the season and I have felt pretty good about it. The start of the season was amazing. A big blow out win on Opening Day over Tom Glavine. It does not get any better. Then the Cubs play pretty good baseball and take over first in the Central. Again I am on top of the world. When the Cubs are in first life is grand. The problem is that like many other Cub fans I am quick to judge. Until this weekend the Cubs were in first and I should have been content, but I was not. I keep thinking back to years past and watching the Cubs slip away as the season progresses.

I was off reading message boards about the Cubs. I was looking for any info that may take place and it is a good place to catch up on things when you miss a few games for basketball camp. There are a lot of negative posts out there saying the Cubs need new this or that. For the most part I agree with the stuff that is said. If you read my blog you know I have no love for Lenny Harris as a starting 3B. I can bring the dirt with the best of them. I was shocked when the Cubs traded Bellhorn for Jose Hernadez. I wrote in that mornings post, "This could be the end." Now did I really mean it, well I hope not. Now the question I keep asking myself, "Why am I so quick to forget?" The Cubs are only .5 game back, but that is not good enough. Over the years the Cub fans no something bad will happen and it is only a matter of time before it does.

I was working basketball camp for the University of Alabama all weekend. Darron Boatright, Director of Basketball Operations for Alabama, helps our student group out over the years with tickets and stuff. The only problem with Boat is that fact he is a Cardinal Fan. He said something that rang true to me this weekend. He said the greatest thing about seeing the Cardinals second in the standins is the fact the Cubs were in first. He went on to say that it was only a matter of time before the Cubs exploded and they took over. Now I was quick to remind him that Houston was now in first and his statement held no water at the moment. I knew in the back of my mind it did.

As a Cub fan there are a few rules that we live by. It is like Murphey's Law. If the Cubs are first place then a 10 game losing streak cannot be far behind. If a pitcher has a +6.00 ERA, then he will pitch his best against the Cubs. If the Cubs are hitting and scoring runs, it soon will end. These are things that seem to happen all the time and even this year. My thoughts are "Should We Forget the Past?" I live in a state that worships the past. If the Alabama Fans could get some DNA and recreate "Bear" Bryant they would. Cub fans are similar, but there is not a lot of winning that is in the past. I used to count on one of my teams winning and now my Crimson Tide are in the dark ages also. It is time to forget the past. The Cubs longest losing streak of the year is 3 games. By this time last season the Cubs had realed off a 9 game and 5 game losing streak.

For all the negative writing and posting going on out in the world, people forget the Cubs lost 95 games last season. As I sit back and look I am happy with the season so far. We are contenders. Sure there are some needs and that need to filled, but hey it is June. Right now nobody is breaking away. The Cubs have good enough pitching so far that we have held close. Already this year the Cubs have 40 wins. Last season the Cubs did not pick up win number 40 until July 18th. The bullpen is solid. The rotation is stronger. The Cubs are just flat out better this season, but we cannot be content.

I am not trying to dog anyone here or say we are bad people, but there is something good brewing in Chicago. Sure I have my doubts everytime I see Dusty run out Lenny Harris to play third, or "Wavin" Wendal Kim sends the catcher home from 1st base. I really did not think this was our year. I thought we would be a year away because we still need more offense. If the Cubs only deal is Jose Hernadez than they are in trouble, but if in a few weeks the Cubs make a deal then just maybe this year.

This story is nice, but I no tomorrow if Lenny Harris or Tom Goodwin is starting I will be back to my old ways. For now lets just sit back and see where the Cubs take us.