Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Cubs Strike First

The Cubs got off to a great start last night as they beat the Giants 3-0. Matt Clement was on his game and even recieved a standing ovation from the crowed after he struck out in the 8th. The only Cub offense came in the fist inning as Alou hit a 3 run HR. This series is very important as the Cubs picked up another game last night on the Astros. They are now 3.5 back as Kerry Wood heads to the mound today.

The trade deadline is getting close and the Cubs may or may not make a move. I would not be surprised if they add to the bench, but knowing our luck even if we add a bat, Lenny Harris will still be around. The Cubs need to go on a roll and start a nice winning streak, but winning series may do. This weekend they will face the D-Backs, so we shall see. July is almost over and Cubs are staring to put things together. I guess we will see how the other teams in the Central use the trade deadline. I think if the Cardinals do not add some pitching they could be in trouble. With Oswalt hurt again, the Astros could use some help. It should be a fun 2 months to end the season, lets hope the Cubs have enough.

I took my final today in Austria, and probably will not be around this weekend as I head to Vienna. Then I am off to Germany to visit my Uncle. I will be back in the U.S.A. on August 13th, I am really looking foward to getting back.