Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Cubs Win and Astros Don't

It is about time. The Cubs get the first home sweep of the year and the first sweep of the Mets since 1992. The Cubs also go a little help from the Rockies tonight as the they won 7-5.

The Cardinals were also beat by a 2 Run Home Run by Brooks Kieschnick. The only thing that did not go well was that the Marlins beat the Phillies.

Central GB
Astros 0
Cubs .5

Astros 1 at Rockies, 3 at Cardinals, 3 vs. Giants, 4 vs. Brewers

With the Astros sweep last weekend it looked like the Astros were well on their way, but teh Cubs continue to play well and after a sweep of the Mets they find themselves .5 games back. It would be nice to see the Astros fall tomorrow and Cardinals find some heart, but this race could come down to the final day.

Cubs 4 at Pirates, 3 at Reds, 3 vs. Pirates

I read Rob Neyer's article today and I agree thay maybe the Cubs and Astros are neck and neck and then After tonights loss by the Astros, I have changed my mind. The Cubs really play much easier teams, but baseball is a crazy sport. They cannot afford to lose more than 2 games in the next two series.

Wild Card GB
Marlins 0
Phillies 1.5
Cubs 2.5
Dodgers 3.5

It would be nice if the Cubs could get more help from the Rockies tomorrow as they finish out the series. Wade Miller is on the mound against Jose Jimenez.
Looking at the remain series the Cubs could catch the Wild Card also.

Marlins 1 at Phillies, 4 at Atlanta, 3 vs. Phillies, 3 vs. Mets

The Marlins have a tough rest of the way. They have tomorrows game against the Phillies as Millwood goes against Willis. Then onto Atlanta and then the Phillies come to South Florida. They do finish easy with the AAAA Mets.

Phillies 1 vs. Marlins, 3 vs. Reds, 3 at Marlins, 3 vs. Braves

The Phillies have the most home games left in the Wild Car. There only road series is against the Marlins. If they split the last four then the Cubs could catch both teams. The Phillies have a tough last series agaisnt the Braves.

Dodgers 1 vs. D-Backs, 3 vs. Giants, 4 at Padres, 4 at Giants

The Dodgers have really the toughest path to the post season. They have 7 against the Giants including a DH on the second to last day of the year. With their second straight loss tonight to the D-Backs, it looks very unlikely that the Dodgers great pen can get them into the playoffs.

So there you have it. There is only about 10 days of baseball remaining and the Cubs are in the thick of things.