Tuesday, September 09, 2003

So What is the Yarbage All About?

I have been planning on telling this story for quite some time, but I just got around to it. I have had many people over the past few months and even years ask about Yarbage. Well, my name is Chris Yarbrough, and the nickname Yarbage came from two of my friends in High School.

Justin Ladner and Micheal Joffrion coined "Yarbage". It all came from Triple Play 97(It has since been changel to MLB 2004....) on the first playstation. I always played with the Cubs and they were pretty bad on the game. Jamie Navarro was the #1 Starter. Sandberg had just come back from a few years off, and Sosa was still a free swinger. Now Mark Grace was pretty solid. The thing about that game is you could step in front of pitches by moving your batter after the pitch came. I did this pretty well, and it led the Justin and Micheal to say that is Garbage Ball, then after a minute one of them said "No it is not Garbage Ball, but it is Yarbage Ball." We were in the 10th grade at the time and the nickname slowly grew and it has just followed me everywhere, so I just embraced it.

For the most part the name does not give me any problems, but since my 21st birthday I have had a few occasions because of the Cubs Jersey my friends got me. They did a great job, they got me a batting practice jersey with Yarbage and the #21 on it. I get a lot of people asking who Yarbage is, but everynow and then I get called names, but for the most part I do not care. It does not stop me from wearing my Jersey proudly.

So that is the story, from a video game a new name was born. All because I was a dirty player, but hey I wanted to win.

The Cubs Magic Number stayed at 20 tonight as the Astros beat the Brewers. The Cubs are tied with the Astros a top the Central. It is going to be a fun three weeks.