Monday, September 01, 2003

Game Log #2

8:35 Farnsworth came in and allowed a hit, but the Cubs win 7-0. The Cubs pull within 1.5 games of the Cardinals and Astros if they hang on to beat the Dodgers. Also I was not aware that this was the first Shut-out of the Cardinals on the road. Prior for Cy Young. Tomorrow DH is the biggest of the year. Zambrano and Wood split the DH and they need strong outings. There is an outside chance the Cubs could pass the Cards tomorrow, but that would take a sweep.

8:20 I really think Dusty made a mistake letting Prior go out in the 8th, he gave a cheap hit up to Vina and then walked the next batter. A nasty hook got Kerry Robinson. 8 Shut out innings, but 132 pitches was not needed. We will see how he looks Friday.

8:12 Prior gets another hit, but the Cubs fail to add anything to the 7-0 lead. We head to the 8th.

8:02 I know there has been a lot of talk about the Closers for the Cy Young, but Prior is just unbeatable right now. Without a breakdown Prior will pick up win #14. He is just on fire. I think that should be the last inning, but you never know with Dusty making the calls.

7:57 The Cubs need to save some strength for tomorrow. Karros gets the nights first HR and the Cubs lead 7-0. I think this should be Prior's last inning. Maybe let the Kids get some work or something. But there is no reason to push Prior tonight.

7:51 Nothing doing for the Cards in the 6th. Prior got the Double Play he needed to end the inning.

7:43 The Cubs send 11 batters to the plate and score 6 runs. Tony Womack now has 3 hits and I have to say he is playing much better than I thought he would, but does this mean we platoon when Mark gets back. This is a statement the Cubs are sending and they must hang on.

7:35 Woody Williams gave up 10 hits and the Cubs lead 4-0 after the Prior single. Miller continues to play better at the plate after his Sac-Fly to score Karros. Lofton is up with runners at the corners. Wow, 2 bad plays by Rolen. You know it is the Cubs day when stuff like that happen. 5-0 Cubs.

7:27 The Cubs have bases loaded and nobody out. The Cubs have a real chance to make a statement here in game one. Williams got off the hook last week and now they can tag him for 2 or 3 more runs here and that would be big momentum swing in the series.

7:25 Cubs get the lead off man on for the 4th time. Alou has been really struggling lately and he needs to find his stroke to help the Cubs. It seems like he is pressing a little the last couple of weeks. Great baserunning by the Cubs. Alou hustles into 2nd and Sammy running all the way to third. 2nd and 3rd with no outs. The Cubs can not be blanked this inning. Base hit and Cubs lead 1-0. Also Kim was smart and did not send Alou. Runners at 1st and 3rd with no outs.

7:15 Wow, a web gem from Ramon. That might have saved the game. Palmerio is up to bat and it is a 1-2 count. The kid is hanging in there. This is a huge inning. Prior gets the fly ball and the game is still tied heading into the bottom of the 5th.

7:02 The Cubs have 2nd and 3rd one out. This is a huge situation for the Cubs. Lofton is up and has hit the ball hard. Kenny Flys out and the Cubs blow another chance. It is up to Tony Womack now. I do not like the chances of this. If the Cardinals pitch around Womack to get to Sosa, I would be very shocked. The Cubs leave 2 more and this is becoming a very bad trend.

5:52 Prior walks a man, but no damage donw. Prior's pitch count is starting to rise tough and it would be nice to see Mark go deep in the game. The Cubs need to cash in on Williams, but they can not get the clutch hit. 0-0 after the top of the 4th.

6:40 Cubs had two men on again and the Cubs leave two more on base. This is what the Cubs do not need. I feel like the Cards could bust out in any minute.

6:20 Cubs leave another man on base and the score is 0-0 after 2. Williams, Vina and Palmerio up in the 3rd.

6:10 Prior gives a lead off hit to Rolen, but no damage done after Prior gets 3 fly outs to end the inning.

5:55 Cubs get 2 on and noboby out and end up loading the bases, but get nothing. They can not squander chances like that. 0-0 after 1

5:45 Prior is in comand in the Top of the 1st. Albert gets robbed by the wind and the Lead off single to Vina does not come back to haunt the Cubs. This game has a playoff feel to it and the Cubs need to get to Williams early.

5:38 Well infield hit by Cub killer Vina.

5:28 Well a 4 Hour Rain Delay the Cubs are finally about ready to play some ball. This is maybe the most important series of the year. The Cubs need to win the series. If there is 4-1 that would be really nice, but really the Cubs need a 3-2 and cut the lead to 1.5. The pitching match-up is Woody Williams vs. Mark Prior. Prior has been great so, lets see if that continues. The wind is blowing in and it is cool.