Tuesday, August 26, 2003

The Season Comes Down to 5 Weeks

With 5 weeks remaining in the season the Cubs are in the middle of a playoff hunt. It just never gets old saying that. Around the Cub Blog Warrios out there, there is some really good stuff being written.

First off check out and Another Thing! by Al Yellon. He has the breakdown of the remaining games by the 3 Central Contenders.

Also check out the Northside Lounge as Scott Lange takes a look at the week in review.

Tomorrow I will be at full strength for the first time in two months. That means I have internet access at my home and the Dish is working. I am looking foward to the game tonight. The only drawback is that I will most likely have to listen to Joe Buck call the game. I always hate how Directv makes you listen to the home teams call, except one time when the Yankees Yes Network was on instead of FSN. That made me real made, because those guys are terrible.

Not much to say about tonight. It is huge and everyone knows it. The Cubs will be lucky to take two of three because of the way they have played there in the past. There only win this year was because of the Mark Bellhorn pinch hit HR. Wow that seems like it happened a decade ago. The Cubs need to prove to themselves that they can win here to gain a little more conifedence heading into the 5 game series next week. We shall see what takes place. The game is on ESPN tomorrow night and WGN on Thursday.

In other news Brian Giles is now a Padre and the going out of business sale goes on for the Pirates. Maybe it will help my fantasy team which is going to the playoffs starting next week.